Sunday, May 16, 2010

Um, what was that? “I’m sure that there’s some other reason why they would have had this, Azara. Like…” Like what, exactly?
“There can be no other reason. It all makes sense. Well, that’s a least the thing that makes the most sense. Fae never loose their Shaiil, Margarite. We’re all connected to our Shaiil, and know where they are, all the time. There is a way to disconnect yourself from the Shaiil though, but the fae has to do it on purpose, and the Shaiil will always be connected to some…one.” She stared at me.
“Yeah. Right.” Okay, look, I had accepted that faeries existed; I had accepted my parents could be related to fae in some way; but no way could I accept that I was one.
“I could be just jumping to conclusions, but this was the only thing I could think of. Margarite, everything adds up correctly. Why Sora likes you so much, why you can live so well out here, why you have this book, everything!” she seemed excited by the idea, “You even have the mark. I knew that there was something different about you. I never really expected this though. Did you really not know anything about faeries, at all?”
I shook my head slowly, denial slowing down my motions, “No. I really don’t think that it’s true.” Look, I know that whoever’s reading this probably thinks, I’d love it if I was a faery, that would be amazing! Or something like that, but when someone actually thinks you are one, especially when that someone happens to be a faery herself, it’s kind of weird. Especially when you’ve been a human for, oh, you know, your whole life. My mind, that had been groping around for something to latch onto, that made sense, couldn’t think of anything better than, “besides, the birthmark on my shoulder is just that- a birthmark. Nothing special about it.”
“I truly doubt that, Margarite.” Anticipation gleamed in Azara’s eyes, “put on the Shaiil.”
“What? Why?” I stared at the thing, sitting on the floor, its beauty unbefitting its grimy surroundings.
She smiled, “just do it.”
Why was she so happy about this? Could she not see that I was kind of freaking out at the moment? I had just found a note from my parents, it had said practically nothing, I had just found out my parents were probably, maybe… faeries. Which, of course, would make me one. Couldn’t I just take it slow?
“Margarite, just put it on!” Azara repeated, answering the question I never got to ask. No, I go at her pace. Fast.I pick it up slowly, wondering when the magic’s supposed to start happening. Nothing happened. I breathed out audibly and gently put it on my head.

Oh yes, something definitely happened.

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