Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Candle's Lit

I'm sorry it's been so long, I've been trying to get on long enough to write, but never got the chance.


I woke up, immediately knowing something was just wrong. What was it? I lay in bed thinking, and realized. The rain had stopped! No more loud plinks like small hammers all through the day and night. After almost a week, the storm was over! I heard something else filling the silence. A little clicking sound, like the noise you'd make when calling a dog. I rolled over slowly and looked for the source of the noise.

It was the faery.

As soon as I noticed her, glowing strongly, half-sitting, reaching one arm out to Sora, she turned to me, and gasped, eyes wide. Those eyes. They look like little drops of blood, glittering in the light. Though red eyes usually make anyone look evil, they did no such thing to her. She looked scared out of her mind. She made chiming sounds, a bird and a bell together, and tried to scramble away, but winced and put her hand to her wound. She looked at it, covered by the band-aid.

"Faii ioy etca?" She asked me in a breeze of a whisper.
What the hell was she saying? I didn't know. So what do I say, oh-so intelligently? "...Hi?"

She cocked her head, then said, " Are you of the Fae?" She had a beautiful voice, rich and warm, with the strangest accent.
"No," I said, surprised by the question, and the fact she spoke my language, "human."
She stared at me, with an almost confused expression on her face "The bird, he be with you?"
I nodded.
"Very smart, he. And.." she said as he flew to her. "Trusts you." Her gaze met mine.
"Um, yeah." I said. I wasn't doing very well with the conversing. Well, it was weird, talking to a faery! "I rescued him, someone had caught him. I set him free, and I guess he liked me or something. Maybe he likes my food. His name's Sora, it means sky." Now I was babbling. I shut up.
"I know of name." she said, stroking him. "He tells me."
"Huh?!?" I glanced at Sora, sitting happily by the faery.
She rolled her eyes at me. No, really, she actually rolled her eyes! "I listen, I hear. I understand."
I sighed, and quickly changed the subject before she started scolding me for not "listening, hearing, and understanding."
"Is your wound hurting?" Her hand had been resting on it the whole time.
"No." She said, looking at it.. "What is this?" She pointed to the band-aid, then touched it with wonder in her eyes. "It's strange."
"It's a bandage." I said, trying not to laugh at her amazed expression.
She stared at it a little longer, nodding. Then she looked around the room. "This is not unlike where I live. Where is here?"
"Oh, I don't really live like most people." Yeah, that's for sure, "It's in a forest... um, in England?" Would a faery know about England? I certainly didn't know where she came from.
"Yes. England." She smiled,"I have been to here before."
"Really?" Well, that's weird. I'd never seen a faery flying around before.

Oh no, I have to go, I'm sorry! Please, check back soon, I'll finish later!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I take it back, I take it ALL back! I do not like the rain at all. I despise it with every fibre of my being. It's so hard to hate something so much when it's not solid, and you can't do anything about it.

Why do I suddenly feel such loathing toward it? Well, the cloths are completely soaked through, to the point that they may as well not be there. I have to sweep (yes, SWEEP,) water out the trapdoor constantly. I have nothing to eat, and when I go out to find something, I'm instantly soaked. The forest looks as though it's been drowned and beaten, branches strewn everywhere from the driving wind and rain. The weather is now a monster, destroying every pathway and sapling. What am I to do? How am I going to stay at least mostly dry and warm? Dampness can kill just as easily as cold. At least I know Sora is doing fine, with his fae-fire. It may not last for long though. I don't think the faery has any chance any longer. Her glow is almost gone and she seems feverish. I think it may be the inescapable rain. I wonder, could Sora sit on her and keep her warm, like she was his egg?

I don't know. I'm desperate.

I also have many worries for the house. What if the tree I'm in gets blown down? What if the wood starts rotting even more, or gets moldy? I actually found some mold sneaking through the corner today, coaxed in by the watery wood. I need dry things! When will this storm end?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's been raining all day, and most of last night. All you can see is grey and green, the mist darkening the world but somehow hiding the shadows. Usually when rain starts like this, it doesn't stop for a while. I've prepared for a storm, putting cloths over the open windows and closing off cracks the best I could. Sora, who hates the cold, is spending almost all his time next to the faery, who gives off heat like a little fire. In case you haven't guessed yet, she's still unconscious.
Sometimes she seems on the verge of waking up, and sometimes I feel like next time I look at her the glow will be gone. I figure that's what would happen if a faery died, doesn't it make sense? Like a candle going out.
The rain isn't really helping me with the whole food thing. There isn't any food out! Yet I do really enjoy going out in the forest in this weather. Why does everybody abhor the rain so much? They complain that it's too wet, it's too cold, it's too grey. I'm sorry for you all. Even the people who don't mind it say they like it because they can go inside and read a good book, watch movies, et cetera. What about going outside? The world when it's raining is wondrously peaceful and quiet, aside from the gentle sounds of raindrops. The wetness, well, you can always dry off later. Don't you like swimming? You're dryer in the rain. Also, don't you have raincoats? The rain will just kiss you gently on your face, then roll off. You all need to stop complaining and enjoy it!
Ah well. I probably shouldn't be acting like I love it so much, it's making life hard. The whole house seems damp right now. I may not be able to post much, because I'm busy trying to survive! It happens ever year, don't worry 'bout me.
Again, when the faery wakes up, I will try as hard as I can to tell you, even if I have to trudge through a mile o' mud to do so!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing Much

Hey! I've got six followers already, I'm glad some people are reading this! I'd really appreciate it if you spread the word of my blog around, I think people should hear this. (<---advertisement >.<)

Nothing's happened yet with the faery. She's still lying there on the pillow. I kept the strangle little bullet, anyone know what kind of gun would shoot it? It's about a centimeter long. It's red and pointy, so it's not from a BB gun. Besides, would a BB gun really make so much noise?

The faery does seem to be doing better though. Her wound stopped bleeding and it's not red or puffy. Hopefully fae infections look the same as human infections.The little soupy glow that surrounded her is clearer now, more of a golden orange. I feel like this must be a good sign.
In my spare time I've been able to study her. The storybooks almost get them right, but not quite. She has small anntenae poking out of her head, silver little threads.
Her wings, though they don't have feathers, fold like a bird's onto her back. It makes sense if you think about it. Faeries would have a really hard time if their wings always stuck out into the air. One of them is crooked, and I don't know how to heal it. The wings are thick as a penny, and feel surprisingly strong. They're faceted like a diamond on a wedding ring and glimmer in the light. They have all the colors of the sunset in them.
The glow that she has seems to come from the little teardrop-shaped ruby that hangs from her neck on a golden chain. It has a small dot of yellow in the middle, unlike any gem I've seen in my life. She'll often hold it in her small hands as she sleeps, murmuring things I can't quite catch.
Sora has been acting strangely since she arrived. He seems restless, but he rarely leaves the treehouse, which is quite annoying, because he'll leave droppings everywhere. He often flies over the the faery and pecks gently at her hair, seemingly trying to wake her. He once left a blue feather lying on her, and she hasn't let go of it. Do faeries like feathers?
I've been feeding her little mashed berries, but I had to steal them. Nothing grows in this cold weather. I've been stealing way to much lately, and I don't like doing it. I'm also afraid of people noticing, and then I'll be caught. If I'm caught, I'll be caged, like Sora once was, before I set him free.
I know what this means... I have to start hunting. Ugh.
I try to do it as little as possible, but I have to survive out here. Thankfully I was able to actually make a bow using a book I got from the library! Weird, eh? It's not very good, but it works on small creatures like squirrels. Yes, I do eat them. Yes, I know they're cute, but so are cows and lambs, you eat those. I have no guilt. I don't want to sound mean, but if you think it's bad I'm eating squirrel, you're a hypocrite, so shut up! :)
Anyways, I better go. i just wanted to tell you what was going on I'll post again as soon as I can after she wakes up. If she ever wakes up.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Ok, I'm back, with the whole afternoon alone. I have enough to tell you what happened to me, a couple nights ago...

The first shot rang out too far away to arouse me from my dreams. I dozed on.
The second shot was so loud, and so close, It reverberated through my skull and pierced holes through my dreams, and they flew away like butterflies. My eyes snapped open and I sat up, confused. What was that? Nobody hunts here, it's too close to the town. Actually,no one really hunts at all anywhere anymore. My companion, I refuse to call him a pet, an amazingly tame bluejay named Sora, was flying about the room as if a cat was chasing him. I slowly stood up, and listened beyond Sora's frantic flapping. Silence. Not even breeze blew through the forest leaves.

Sometimes, silence is worse than the loudest noises. Silence is the absence of life.

I shook my head, as if I could knock the paranoia out of it, and slipped my shoes on. I had to find out what happened. I poked my head out the window hesitantly, and saw nothing.
"Well," I said, trying to gain more confidence, "nothing looks dangerous out there... it was nothing."
Have you ever tried lying through your teeth to yourself? It's near impossible. No, it is impossible.
I walked slowly over to the small trapdoor that lead to the rope ladder, then to the earth. I stepped down slowly, shaking, either with cold or with fear. Why was I so afraid? I realized now, it was because I feared being discovered. Was I walking into a trap? No, there weren't any people around. I jumped from the last rung to the ground. Nothing. I stepped into the shadows of the trees, and my foot hit something soft. I barely avoided letting loose a scream, and looked down.

She was only about a foot long, facedown in the dirt. She seemed to be surround by a soupy brown-orange glow, almost like mud. Her long black hair was half in a messy braid, and something was on her back. The wings were nearly as big as her. I paused. Hold on.


You've probably guessed by now. It was a faery. Trust me, i was just as disbelieving as you are now. As I stood there, looking at her, a thousand excuses dropped into my mind like rain. I was dreaming. I was hallucinating. it was just a messed up- butterfly. My mind is playing tricks on me. Yet these raindrop thoughts flowed out of my head in a river. Only two things registered now. I knew, somehow, that there really was a folk tale creature, lying in front of me, and she was hurt, badly.

I slowly bent down, like I was an old woman, and picked her up gently. She was so weightless. She seemed to be made up of light, or feathers. She was almost hot, warming up my frozen hands quickly. Silvery blood, strangely beautiful, trickled from a hole in her back. I gasped, and quickly scurried up the ladder. In my shock, I could only process that she needed help, and I would give it to her. I had a little first-aid kit in my home, and figured one of those big bandaids would work for her. Sora sat on his perch, watching me with an inquisitive gaze. Using nail scissors, I cut of her red dress around the wound. It had a small, red bullet in it. How could something so small make such loud noise? I shrugged off the question. Using a bit of wet cloth, I cleaned the wound out and put the bandaid on, then sat her on a pillow. I looked at her face. She was gorgeous, as I expected a faery to be, with skin the rich color of a coffee bean. Her hair had a yellow-red streak in it, fire across a nighttime sky. A ruby tear-shaped necklace on a gold chain rested in the hollow of her neck. Her long ears tapered into points. She really was a faery, and now I really started panicking.

I haven't quite stopped yet. She still hasn't woken up! Has this happened to anyone else? Someone, tell me what to do! I'll tell you what happens when she wakes up...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



How to start, how to start...

Well, my name is Maragrite, and I want to tell you my story. There's probably no way you're going to believe it. What happened to me today, that is. I hope that you will try though. Some of you, maybe, will have an inkling of a feeling that what I'm about to tell you is completely, utterly true. You're right, it is true...

Let me start from the beginning:

I do not remember much of my life with my real parents. My parents went missing when I was about four years old, but before they disappeared to god-knows-where they happened to place me on a doorstep, just like in the movies, with nothing but a book in some foreign language. How useless. The family that I lived with up until I was about 11 wasn't particularly mean, they simply didn't have time. I'm grateful that they at least took care of me when I was given to them, like some unwanted present. When I turned 12, I realized that they didn't want me there, and I started researching how to camp, how to survive out there. I ran away. They never reported me as missing, so my young mind took that to mean they were glad I left, and I vowed I'd never go back, and I didn't. I still don't live with anyone, four years later. I live in the wilderness or I sneak into people's houses who are out of town. That's my childhood, in a nutshell.

Pretty crazy, huh? What'd I tell you? It's hard to believe, I realize that as I write it down.

You see, apparently, I never officially existed. I suppose I was born in my house, and my parents kept me a secret. As I told you, my second family really had nothing to do with me, so they never sent me to school. This is why I've never been found by the police or someone who recognized me. No one really knows of my existence except for you, my reader.

So, as you may have guessed, I still live freely. I love it. I do as I please and live where I want to. Currently, I'm staying in an old tree house that got abandoned by the children who made it. They grew up, they got jobs, they left it to rot. I fixed it up, and I saved it. It's rather nice. It's about a mile deep into a forest, off of the trail. I don't know why they put it there, but I'm extremely glad they did. it's the best home I've ever had.

You may be wondering how I managed to get a computer for my blog. Well, I know it's bad, but I stole it. I needed some way to stay connected with the rest of the world! There's a house not too far away from me, I go there to charge it. In fact, I'm at the house now. The parents have to go to work, the kid to school, so I've got the afternoons to myself! I always have to leave at 4:15 though, or I'll get caught...

Oh... it's almost 4:15 now! I'm sorry! I meant to tell you what happened to me last night... what I found out... I'm sorry again, I have to leave now. Please, come back again soon, I'll try to continue when I get the chance.

Please keep reading this story, you need to hear it. You won't regret it.