Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing Much

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Nothing's happened yet with the faery. She's still lying there on the pillow. I kept the strangle little bullet, anyone know what kind of gun would shoot it? It's about a centimeter long. It's red and pointy, so it's not from a BB gun. Besides, would a BB gun really make so much noise?

The faery does seem to be doing better though. Her wound stopped bleeding and it's not red or puffy. Hopefully fae infections look the same as human infections.The little soupy glow that surrounded her is clearer now, more of a golden orange. I feel like this must be a good sign.
In my spare time I've been able to study her. The storybooks almost get them right, but not quite. She has small anntenae poking out of her head, silver little threads.
Her wings, though they don't have feathers, fold like a bird's onto her back. It makes sense if you think about it. Faeries would have a really hard time if their wings always stuck out into the air. One of them is crooked, and I don't know how to heal it. The wings are thick as a penny, and feel surprisingly strong. They're faceted like a diamond on a wedding ring and glimmer in the light. They have all the colors of the sunset in them.
The glow that she has seems to come from the little teardrop-shaped ruby that hangs from her neck on a golden chain. It has a small dot of yellow in the middle, unlike any gem I've seen in my life. She'll often hold it in her small hands as she sleeps, murmuring things I can't quite catch.
Sora has been acting strangely since she arrived. He seems restless, but he rarely leaves the treehouse, which is quite annoying, because he'll leave droppings everywhere. He often flies over the the faery and pecks gently at her hair, seemingly trying to wake her. He once left a blue feather lying on her, and she hasn't let go of it. Do faeries like feathers?
I've been feeding her little mashed berries, but I had to steal them. Nothing grows in this cold weather. I've been stealing way to much lately, and I don't like doing it. I'm also afraid of people noticing, and then I'll be caught. If I'm caught, I'll be caged, like Sora once was, before I set him free.
I know what this means... I have to start hunting. Ugh.
I try to do it as little as possible, but I have to survive out here. Thankfully I was able to actually make a bow using a book I got from the library! Weird, eh? It's not very good, but it works on small creatures like squirrels. Yes, I do eat them. Yes, I know they're cute, but so are cows and lambs, you eat those. I have no guilt. I don't want to sound mean, but if you think it's bad I'm eating squirrel, you're a hypocrite, so shut up! :)
Anyways, I better go. i just wanted to tell you what was going on I'll post again as soon as I can after she wakes up. If she ever wakes up.

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