Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's been raining all day, and most of last night. All you can see is grey and green, the mist darkening the world but somehow hiding the shadows. Usually when rain starts like this, it doesn't stop for a while. I've prepared for a storm, putting cloths over the open windows and closing off cracks the best I could. Sora, who hates the cold, is spending almost all his time next to the faery, who gives off heat like a little fire. In case you haven't guessed yet, she's still unconscious.
Sometimes she seems on the verge of waking up, and sometimes I feel like next time I look at her the glow will be gone. I figure that's what would happen if a faery died, doesn't it make sense? Like a candle going out.
The rain isn't really helping me with the whole food thing. There isn't any food out! Yet I do really enjoy going out in the forest in this weather. Why does everybody abhor the rain so much? They complain that it's too wet, it's too cold, it's too grey. I'm sorry for you all. Even the people who don't mind it say they like it because they can go inside and read a good book, watch movies, et cetera. What about going outside? The world when it's raining is wondrously peaceful and quiet, aside from the gentle sounds of raindrops. The wetness, well, you can always dry off later. Don't you like swimming? You're dryer in the rain. Also, don't you have raincoats? The rain will just kiss you gently on your face, then roll off. You all need to stop complaining and enjoy it!
Ah well. I probably shouldn't be acting like I love it so much, it's making life hard. The whole house seems damp right now. I may not be able to post much, because I'm busy trying to survive! It happens ever year, don't worry 'bout me.
Again, when the faery wakes up, I will try as hard as I can to tell you, even if I have to trudge through a mile o' mud to do so!

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