Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Candle's Lit

I'm sorry it's been so long, I've been trying to get on long enough to write, but never got the chance.


I woke up, immediately knowing something was just wrong. What was it? I lay in bed thinking, and realized. The rain had stopped! No more loud plinks like small hammers all through the day and night. After almost a week, the storm was over! I heard something else filling the silence. A little clicking sound, like the noise you'd make when calling a dog. I rolled over slowly and looked for the source of the noise.

It was the faery.

As soon as I noticed her, glowing strongly, half-sitting, reaching one arm out to Sora, she turned to me, and gasped, eyes wide. Those eyes. They look like little drops of blood, glittering in the light. Though red eyes usually make anyone look evil, they did no such thing to her. She looked scared out of her mind. She made chiming sounds, a bird and a bell together, and tried to scramble away, but winced and put her hand to her wound. She looked at it, covered by the band-aid.

"Faii ioy etca?" She asked me in a breeze of a whisper.
What the hell was she saying? I didn't know. So what do I say, oh-so intelligently? "...Hi?"

She cocked her head, then said, " Are you of the Fae?" She had a beautiful voice, rich and warm, with the strangest accent.
"No," I said, surprised by the question, and the fact she spoke my language, "human."
She stared at me, with an almost confused expression on her face "The bird, he be with you?"
I nodded.
"Very smart, he. And.." she said as he flew to her. "Trusts you." Her gaze met mine.
"Um, yeah." I said. I wasn't doing very well with the conversing. Well, it was weird, talking to a faery! "I rescued him, someone had caught him. I set him free, and I guess he liked me or something. Maybe he likes my food. His name's Sora, it means sky." Now I was babbling. I shut up.
"I know of name." she said, stroking him. "He tells me."
"Huh?!?" I glanced at Sora, sitting happily by the faery.
She rolled her eyes at me. No, really, she actually rolled her eyes! "I listen, I hear. I understand."
I sighed, and quickly changed the subject before she started scolding me for not "listening, hearing, and understanding."
"Is your wound hurting?" Her hand had been resting on it the whole time.
"No." She said, looking at it.. "What is this?" She pointed to the band-aid, then touched it with wonder in her eyes. "It's strange."
"It's a bandage." I said, trying not to laugh at her amazed expression.
She stared at it a little longer, nodding. Then she looked around the room. "This is not unlike where I live. Where is here?"
"Oh, I don't really live like most people." Yeah, that's for sure, "It's in a forest... um, in England?" Would a faery know about England? I certainly didn't know where she came from.
"Yes. England." She smiled,"I have been to here before."
"Really?" Well, that's weird. I'd never seen a faery flying around before.

Oh no, I have to go, I'm sorry! Please, check back soon, I'll finish later!

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