Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Candle's Lit II

Ok, sorry, I really had to go, my laptop running out of batteries there!

Anyway, the faery has been healing well. She actually became very talkative, once she really started to trust me. Apparently I have Sora to thank for that. She always tells me what he's thinking, if he's cold, hungry, whatever.
The faery's name is Azara, and that's about all she'll tell me about herself. I asked her what she was doing here and she simply looked away and stayed silent. She won't tell me what it was that shot her or why. It's quite infuriating really!
I did find out that her little antennae were fake. I asked why why she had them, and she said they were a disguise as she removed them and tossed them away in a rumpled ball, and they sat in a rejected slouch in the corner. She wouldn't tell me why she had them!

I told her about the blog, I'm not sure why, I guess I felt I needed approval or something. I don't think she really understood what it was, but she said she'd answer questions, if she wants to I suppose.

Any questions for a faery? (Once in a lifetime chance!)


  1. 1) do you think margarite can help you with whatever is wrong?

    2) what do you love to do?

    3) can you do what we call "magic"? if so, what?

    4) where did you come from??!

    5) we want to help, please tell. it can't hurt, can it?

    6) how do humans compare to faeries, intelligence and skill and talent wise?

    7) what are your dreams?

    8) most important: what is troubling you?

  2. why do you wear a ruby-like necklace?

  3. hi, this is the same anonymous that asked the ruby Q:
    why does the faery trust you even though she barely knows you??