Friday, February 5, 2010


It's a good thing I did the questions, because life has been suprisingly uneventful lately!

Thanks for the questions, Aveline and... Anonymous! :) I'm afraid, though, that Azara didn't answer all of them. She's still trying to hide everything, or at least, lots of things, about herself. Sigh.

I tried to copy what she said word-for-word.

1) do you think margarite can help you with whatever is wrong?
She helps me heal, with strange "band-aid." No human can help me... Here she looked away and wouldn't say anything else.

2) what do you love to do?
I love to ride the birds. There is a creature called Pheonix; he lets me fly with him not getting burned. They are fiery creatures full of spirit. They do not live here though, but I have Sora for company!

3) can you do what we call "magic"? if so, what?
(She had a very, very long answer for this, and I'm still asking her about. She's actually telling me things! Because she's still explaining to me, I'll keep asking her about it, then give the answer in whole different post.)

4) where did you come from??!
Where everything starts. (That's all she'd tell me, even though I was pestering her about it.)

5) we want to help, please tell. it can't hurt, can it?
Yes, can very much hurt. Hopefully, it will not affect the people here. That is what I'm trying to do, anyway.

6) how do humans compare to faeries, intelligence and skill and talent wise?
(She laughed) Well, in some ways the fae are smarter, other times humans are smarter. Fae know more about the world in the way of nature and Essence. (You'll learn what she means by that later! It's a magic thing.) Humans know more of destroying and then making again. It's hard to explain. Skills and talents? Fae, because of the birds, can sing very well! (I think, when she said because of the birds, she meant because they can speak to them.) We also can fly, which humans can not do without a machine. Humans are very good at creating things, like the machines that they fly in. ("They're called planes." I said here.) Planes. Yes, we do not have those!

7) what are your dreams?
My dreams? Dreams, like wishes? (Me: yes, I suppose.) Now, it is to be rid of my wound. I cannot fly, my wing has a hole in it. I can't even move. It's unbearable! Another skill most humans have that the fae don't have is the ability to... not be free. To be trapped for some time and be able to get through it.

8) most important: what is troubling you?
(Even though I told her it was important she won't tell me. She said, "It's not for your ears." I'll work hard to convince her to tell!

9) why do you wear a ruby-like necklace?
Helps me focus magic.

10) why does the faery trust you even though she barely knows you??
She has been saying it's because of Sora. Her trusts me and tells her I'm trustworthy... also, I haven't put her in a cage or whatever!

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