Friday, March 5, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Again, so, so sorry! I haven't been able to write! I'm sorry I haven't been posting! SO much has happened! Almost 3 months, I wince when I think about it. I'm gonna stick with this blog, no matter what! I remember, when I was young, I constantly tried to start diaries or journals. I would really get into it, then suddenly I would stop. My little journals sat in the back of my shelves, forgotten memories... and of course I didn't take any of them with me when I ran away. Ah well... I'm getting off topic!
Reasons for Not Writing:

1. The cold
2. A cold
3. Family nights

4. Sadly, pure laziness
5. and a good book.

Number 1. Oh, that computer. It kept breaking on me, maybe it got wet or something, in all that cold weather that's been happening. I got a new computer though, finally. It's a hard thing to do, but totally worth it. I love my new computer!

2. I got sick. It started out with just a little cold. I came back from hunting in the rain a few weeks ago, with practically nothing, and soon started coughing. Azara kindly tried to help by warming the place up, something she can do very well, but I was pretty sick for a long time and just couldn't be writing.

3. The house I go in often, to charge up my computer... well, the family has been staying in a lot lately, probably because of the weather. (This weather is more troublesome than the plague. Seriously.) They've been having family dinners and such. I really want to storm in there and say "LEAVE! MY GOD, PEOPLE!" I send these thoughts to them . I can see the words flowing from my mind to their's only to bounce off. I wish I had mind control.

4. Well, I just continued to slack off! I hope that never happens again. Anyways, I've really been getting into manga, haha. And I kept on reading it instead of writing. So if I don't post for a while... well, maybe that's why! I hope you all haven't forgotten about me...
5. This one, this is the exciting thing. Azara had been practicing her flying. I'd wake up and she'd be fluttering around the room like a stray thought, awry and random, running into the floor sometimes. She noticed me watching. "Practice." she said with a small smile. Or was it a grimace?
I would often find her doing this, improving only a bit. She would spread it out and fold it again, she'd flutter it like a flag as she was sitting, but her wing still hung crooked. Once, while she was unfolding it slowly with her hand, a letter she wasn't sure she wanted to open, I asked it.

"Will you ever be able to fly properly?"

Without hesitating,

She sighed, "Never like I could, but I will be able to fly decently. Never again very fast, but with practice and healing, I can."
It seemed, after that, she was trying even harder, and going in through tight spaces without bumping into walls, trying t fly out a tiny crack, pretty much seeing if she could go straight with a crooked wing.
That's when it happened.
She wanted to use a partially drawer, to fly in and out of a small space, and I only have one. It was full.

Surely, you remember that useless book my parents gave me?

It was in the drawer. I had to take it out. So, naturally... I did. And started flipping through it as Azara flapped around loudly. Flap flap flap flap flap...
A gasp.
"Where did you get that?"
I paused, "Um, parents."
"H-how..." she whispered, "That's... that's..."
"It's what?!?" I asked her impatiently.
"Fae." she breathed.

(Well, I have to go now, what I way to leave the blog! Sorry! I'll write again soon! For real!)

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  1. YAY!!!!!!! You posted! i've been waiting sooooo long for this.