Monday, April 26, 2010

Excuse Number 5, Continued

"Can you read that?" Azara looked up at me, confusion written all over her face.
"Um, no." I glanced at the book, full of random words that I didn't know at all. "It's just some old thing my parents had.I've never really payed much attention to it." the thought suprised me. I'd never really looked through the whole thing. Probably because I couldn't understand any freakin' thing it said. I pushed down the frustration I suddenly felt towards my parents, like I always did. "Should I be able to?"
Azara shook her head, "no, no." she relaxed a little, her tense shoulders loosening, "it's just... strange, that you'd have that."
"Um... what IS it, exactly, then?" I eyed the book's worn cover curiously.
"Well, it's-it's in my language." she said haltingly. Like she didn't really want to tell me or something. Hm.
Then it hit me.
"So, you can read this!" I pointed out the obvious excitedly, "could you tell me what it's about?"
Azara wasn't really listening. ""How could humans get something like this?" she muttered, pacing a bit."

"Azara." I said impatiently, "what is it about?"
She stopped walking around, "I have no idea, I've never seen it before. I think it's some sort of spell book, or something. The writing style on the cover is very old. And..." she stopped.
"What?" I demanded. Why wouldn't she tell me anything?!? (Just by the way, in the three moths [Eesh, three months...] that have passed since I last wrote, I've learned... well, close to nothing else about her. Not kidding.)
"It has an aura to it, not unlike the aura that surrounds my necklace." she brought her hand up to the jewel hanging from her neck, "so it obviously has some magic in it..." she suddenly stared at me intently, red eyes shining like rubies, "Who are your parents, Margarite?"
I've gotten used to this question. I've been asked it a lot. I have no problem coming to terms with my, em, interesting situation. No sob story for me! "They died, or abandoned me, or something. I really have no idea. I dunno anything about them."
The faery sighed, "Of course." she said in an exasperated tone. I was just about to tell her, hey, it's not my fault, jeez, when she said, "I just don't get it. How could humans have this?"
"Um... maybe someone dropped it?" I hope that didn't sound as lame to her as it did for me.
"No." she replied quickly, like it really was impossible for someone to drop it. Hey, it can happen, right? Well, Azara stopped pacing around and sat with a sigh, Sora flitting over to her. She put her hand on his head gently and stared at the book thoughtfully. I, figuring that she wasn't in the mood to talk, continued flipping through the pages.I reached the back cover. I heard a click, and it raised slightly. I raised my eyebrows. "What was that?"
Azara looked alert, staring intently at the book.
"It... it opened."

(Sorry, yet again, I hafta stop because I promised myself I'd post today and... well, I'll continue on number 5 again tomorrow!)

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